It's been a while. Rest assured, still alive and makin' noise. Been working on some new songs (and tweaking some of the old). For those who like the hard-hitting, high adrenaline, heavy side of SV, and those who prefer its more mellow, melodic, progressive vibe, both parties will be very pleased.

The live sound's been altered a bit as well but it's definitely a vast improvement. A lot more bass is now present in the live mix, along with "better sounding" percussion. And nope, haven't added any new members either. Still only coming from myself. Really taking this whole "one-man band" concept to the next level. Come out to the next show and experience for yourself how it's all coming together.

On a final note, although the sunken gears are always on a constant spin, day and night, its gonna have to take a backseat for a short bit. Heading to Spain for a pilgrimage (Camino de Santiago, aka The Way of Saint James) in a week and a half. That's 500 miles on foot, so about 10 to 15 miles of hiking each and every day. But when I return at the end of July, those aforementioned gears will return in full throttle with a vengeance. Godspeed.