My new digital single "delorean" is out! Check it out here at the official site in the MUSIC section. It's also available to stream at SoundCloud and download at bandcamp. Enjoy!

And before I get back to work, here's a bit about the new single.

During the inception of SUNKEN VESSELS in late 2012, there was a short-lived period when I entertained the idea of producing electronic music. It was at this time that the electronic elements of this song were recorded. I've always wanted to release it in some capacity at some point in time but often felt it was missing something. However, fast forward to the present, I added some guitar to the mix and definitely think that's what the song needed in order to feel more fleshed out. At the end of it all, "delorean" is an introspective look inside my thoughts in retrospect and the juxtaposition of my past and present selves, with all its similarities and differences. It's a look back into the precursor of what the SUNKEN VESSELS sound potentially could have been.