San Diego

Beyond stoked to play my first show in my hometown of SD (finally!!) at Tin Roof on Sun, July 17 @ 7pm. And at the risk of eating my words, it’ll be my last show for a while… Aside from the beast called life constantly knocking at my door, focusing on this next release “‪terminal‬” (the third and last EP of the concept trilogy it’s a part of) which will demonstrate the finale of my current sound. My mind was inception’d some time ago to start adapting and evolving with the times, so I’ve been tinkering with a new sound, and excited for this new direction my music is heading in. But one step at a time. See you at the show!


camino | released 10 June 2016

1 | Into Descent
2 | Haunted Me
3 | The Starting End
4 | Altered States

About a year ago from today, in June 2015, I was preparing for a 32-day pilgrimage across Spain with my Dad on the Camino de Santiago (The Way of Saint James): a 500-mile (or 800-kilometer) hike on foot starting in a little town called Saint Jean Pied de Port in France, and ending at the city of Santiago de Compostela in Spain’s region of Galicia. During my travels, it really felt like going through Hell and back at times, having shed literal blood, sweat, and tears, as all states broke down (mind, body, spirit). But despite its challenges, I never gave up and kept moving forward. From June 23rd and onward, I walked every step of the way until we arrived at the final destination on the 24th of July. The camino was a metaphor on life in every aspect. It was life-changing and something I will forever remember (and continue to cherish).

During my journey across the Camino, travelers and locals would often say that “after you finish this pilgrimage and return home, that is when your real camino begins.” It’s so true in ways I can fathom yet cannot entirely explain. In Spanish, “camino” means way, road, path, journey. The tracks on this EP serve as a reminder of the highs and lows experienced in the roads we’ve traveled in life, all while embracing who we are and never forgetting how we got to where we are today.

“camino” is the second of three EPs in a kind of concept trilogy. Check it out here at the official site in the MUSIC section. It's also available to stream at SoundCloud and download at bandcamp. Enjoy!

EDIT: “Haunted Me” added to tracklist on 11 August 2016


EP Release Show

Back at Molly’s for round 3 but this time it’s a release show for my upcoming EP “camino” which drops the same day, June 10. Gotta solid show planned, look(ing) forward to it!

And the usual drill: Doors at 630, set at 850. 21+ entry w/ ID.

EP no.1 "anchor" (released 8 April 2016)
EP no.2 "camino" (to be released 10 June 2016)
EP no.3 "terminal" (to be released 12 August 2016)


My new digital single "delorean" is out! Check it out here at the official site in the MUSIC section. It's also available to stream at SoundCloud and download at bandcamp. Enjoy!

And before I get back to work, here's a bit about the new single.

During the inception of SUNKEN VESSELS in late 2012, there was a short-lived period when I entertained the idea of producing electronic music. It was at this time that the electronic elements of this song were recorded. I've always wanted to release it in some capacity at some point in time but often felt it was missing something. However, fast forward to the present, I added some guitar to the mix and definitely think that's what the song needed in order to feel more fleshed out. At the end of it all, "delorean" is an introspective look inside my thoughts in retrospect and the juxtaposition of my past and present selves, with all its similarities and differences. It's a look back into the precursor of what the SUNKEN VESSELS sound potentially could have been.

Last Show of 2015


Announcing my last show of the year at Molly Malone’s on Fri, Sept 25 at 8:50pm. With a Lo-Fi, high octane, adrenaline fueled, fist pumping, head banging, hard rocking, melody grooving, sweet vibing, sonically eclectic, and electrically epic 40-min set planned, don’t miss out on an electifying night of indie rock at its finest. Hope to see you there!

Tickets available @