It's been a long time coming. Where to begin... When I set out to rework my sound about a year ago, I initially planned on largely abandoning my rock sound in favor of something more ambient and experimental using various electronic elements. However, I often found myself unconsciously returning to my roots. So instead of continuously trying to stray away from it, I ultimately decided to embrace it, expand on it, and take it to the next level. In doing so, not to mention taking an indefinite break from playing shows, I took the time to really push myself in becoming a better guitarist, songwriter, musician, producer, and singer (been finally taking vocal lessons too; endless gratitude to my dear friend Danielle for being a truly amazing teacher).

And so I'm confident that after all the hours, days, and months spent invested in this passion and love for music, the evolution of SUNKEN VESSELS is definitely apparent. Though without a doubt in my mind, it will always continue to evolve as I journey forth, diving into the unknown, exploring its depths.