Before I grow a year older tomorrow, felt I'd give an update on SUNKEN VESSELS. Been working on my first album for about a year now but it's still far off from completion. Truth is, I've actually been working on two records: the aforementioned first is a concept album that's more or less indie rock with electronic elements, whereas the second is a beat and synth driven affair. Though the first is a proper album, it's still up in the air if the latter will be an EP or LP.

Bottom line is, been making a lotta music whilst experimenting with various sounds, tones, and textures. It's been a tremendously challenging year on so many levels, that's tested my patience and will to no end. So making these two records has been a truly remedial and humbling process thus far as it's helped me cope with the perpetually ongoing pains and struggles of life while motivating my passion and ambitions to keep this fire lit inside.