Before I grow a year older tomorrow, felt I'd give an update on SUNKEN VESSELS. Been working on my first album for about a year now but it's still far off from completion. Truth is, I've actually been working on two records: the aforementioned first is a concept album that's more or less indie rock with electronic elements, whereas the second is a beat and synth driven affair. Though the first is a proper album, it's still up in the air if the latter will be an EP or LP.

Bottom line is, been making a lotta music whilst experimenting with various sounds, tones, and textures. It's been a tremendously challenging year on so many levels, that's tested my patience and will to no end. So making these two records has been a truly remedial and humbling process thus far as it's helped me cope with the perpetually ongoing pains and struggles of life while motivating my passion and ambitions to keep this fire lit inside.


It's been a long time coming. Where to begin... When I set out to rework my sound about a year ago, I initially planned on largely abandoning my rock sound in favor of something more ambient and experimental using various electronic elements. However, I often found myself unconsciously returning to my roots. So instead of continuously trying to stray away from it, I ultimately decided to embrace it, expand on it, and take it to the next level. In doing so, not to mention taking an indefinite break from playing shows, I took the time to really push myself in becoming a better guitarist, songwriter, musician, producer, and singer (been finally taking vocal lessons too; endless gratitude to my dear friend Danielle for being a truly amazing teacher).

And so I'm confident that after all the hours, days, and months spent invested in this passion and love for music, the evolution of SUNKEN VESSELS is definitely apparent. Though without a doubt in my mind, it will always continue to evolve as I journey forth, diving into the unknown, exploring its depths.

Looking Back on 2016

It's been an eventful year. Released one single ("delorean") and three EPs ("anchor," "camino," "terminal") this year. Happy to announce that other than SoundCloud and bandcamp, all music is now available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, and Amazon. So choose your weapon and turn it to eleven.

UPDATE on what's going on with SUNKEN VESSELS. Been on a hiatus from all live activities as I've been working on this new sound that I've been going on about since last summer. It's all coming together slowly but surely. Written a couple dozen tracks and in the process of fine tuning and narrowing them down to the best 9 to 12 songs, looking to put out my first LP in the not too distant future. Some of it sounds familiar to SV, and yet a lot of it sounds like nothing I've ever done before. About half the songs have vocals, while the other half is full instrumental. Still too early to talk finer details but definitely really excited about it all.

Despite years of people asking me if I was some kind of DJ or electronic producer, only to shoot them down with a dignified NO, I've decided to embrace it after all since the funny thing is it's actually been something I've wanted to do for a while now... So yes, I've ventured into Electronic territory. But no, I'm not making EDM. Still making Rock (haven't given up on it entirely), or more like Electronic Rock now.

Stay tuned, and thanks for all the support!


terminal | released 14 October 2016

1 | This or Nothing
2 | In Shadows
3 | Bloodlines
4 | Live It Loud

"terminal" is out today! This release marks the final chapter of three EPs released in 2016. And though "terminal" may be the last release for some time, very excited to share the next stage of SUNKEN VESSELS in the near future. Thank you for lending your ears and for the support! Stay tuned as this journey is far from over.

Check it out here at the official site in the MUSIC section. It's also available to stream at SoundCloud and download at bandcamp. If you have a sec, have a listen. If you have a min, feel free to share. But either way, hope you enjoy it!

Summer Update

The release of ‪"‎terminal‬" (EP no. 3 of 3, the final chapter in my concept trilogy) was originally slated for tomorrow but decided to push it back to October 14. But instead of releasing nothing at all this month, added two new recordings (Visceral / Haunted Me) to my previous EPs ‪"anchor‬" and ‪"camino‬." Check it out here at the official site in the MUSIC section, stream at SoundCloud or download at bandcamp. Enjoy!